Principles of functioning of the Cultural Landscape Commission of PTG

  1. The Cultural Landscape Commission of the Polish Geographical Society (PTG) has been appointed by the General Board of PTG in order to achieve the statutory objectives of the Society.
  2. The Commission acts as a nationwide forum for exchanging research results, approaches, opinions and conclusions related to shaping the cultural landscape in regional and comprehensive terms.
  3. The Commission is responsible for: 
    - initiating and conducting interdisciplinary research regarding cultural landscapes;
    - hosting regular thematic conferences concerning development and protection of cultural landscapes; 
    - mutual inspiration and exchange regarding terminology, methodology and directions of research;
    - consultative, educational, lobbying, promotional and popularizing activities.
  4. To accomplish the above tasks, the Commission will issue a periodical reviewed scientific publication.
  5. Members of the Cultural Landscape Commission can be individuals from different sciences, whose scope of interest includes cultural landscapes and who sign up for participation in proceedings of the Commission by filling in a declaration.
  6. Members of the Commission are responsible for obeying the provisions set forth in the Statute of the Polish Geographical Society.
  7. The proceedings of the Commission are supervised by the Board, elected by voting for a three-year term of office.
  8. The Board of the Commission consists of 6 persons. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the Commission, these might be individuals representing various scientific fields, mostly members of the Polish Geographical Society.
  9. The Head and the Secretary are appointed by direct voting of members of the Commission, at an assembly which has reached a quorum to vote.
  10. The Commission is based in the building of the Faculty of Earth Science of the University of Silesia in Sosnowiec.
  11. Commission meetings are held every six months (in March and September).
  12. Membership in the Commission is terminated at that member’s request or in case of unexcused absence at three subsequent meetings.

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